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About Belerin

    At Belerin, we have a totally holistic and natural approach to raising quality healthy Bichons Frises. 

Established on an organic farm set in the “Bentinck Alps” just outside of Hanover Ontario, we have the advantage of good. clean, healthy country air 
and lots of running room.
Natural and wholesome living help establish our 
puppies as healthy as mother nature intended. 

Every consideration is made to keep them free from toxins, additives, and drugs by taking great care in their feeding, vaccinations, and general living conditions thus enhancing their health and longevity. Living together 
as one large happy family attests to their great temperament and outgoing, loving nature. Raising puppies in this warm home atmosphere ensures well adjusted,  people oriented puppies that integrate easily into new homes and environments.

Since its inception in 1986 Belerin has provided many loving companions to homes across Canada. Our goal is to breed healthy, quality, well adjusted puppies that become essential loving members of any family.


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